As the festive season rears its head, so does the yearning to spend time at the beach with your family. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot work on your summer body while you’re at it. Kill two birds with one stone with these 3 workouts you can do at the beach.

Ice skaters

This exercises works the quadriceps and glutes, so make sure you are allowing the weight to shift on to the leg that has jumped forward.

As the name suggests, you will be mimicking ice skating motions. Bend your knees slightly and your upper body upright. It is important to keep the core engaged to maintain your upright posture and get the correct breathing in place. Starting with the right foot, take a small jump at a 45-degree angle and cross the left arm across as if in a running motion. This will ensure that your body moves naturally without any restriction. Do the same on the left leg. Repeat 20 times or until you are ready to stop.


The instability of the sand enables you to strengthen secondary muscles in your hips, feet, knees and shoulders.

Beach yoga is great for fresh air, which works well with the breathing techniques incorporated in yoga. The most convenient thing about yoga is that it can be done anywhere, and you don’t even have to move from the spot you’ve chosen. You don’t have to be freestanding on your head to enjoy the benefits, but by sitting in a Lotus position and focusing on your breathing, you are well on your way.

Sand dune suicides

The constant movement of the sand builds strength in your legs.

Suicides on solid ground is already challenging, but how far can you push your limits? Suicides on sand dunes burn more calories and leave your legs begging for mercy. Suicide sprints are great for developing speed, endurance and agility. Ease your body into the workout by jogging at a moderate pace to warm up. Don’t sprint all the way to the top of the dune just yet. Start by covering the shortest distance first, then returning to the starting point. The second time, run to the halfway point, and lastly, sprint all the way to the top

Because you have extensive exposure to the sun, remember to apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before heading out. Keep hydrated by consuming water and fruit, or simply by drinking smoothies.

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